Alpha Femme is a “mystery-forward” brand.

Business, as we know it, is usually a logical thing. People generally seek a very clear, logical understanding, which tailors to a very clear business mind.

Although I have an entrepreneurial spirit, I didn’t always have a business mind, but I still had the soul of a business-woman. The traditional business route of going to school and learning “business from a book” just never appealed to me…nor did it work for me.

The way this business came to be was based on providing extraordinary customer experience, world class testimonials, word of mouth, squeaky clean work ethic, and a strong desire to constantly evolve and do better inside my company.

What I realized is that with a business that has such clean intentions and ways of being, the external marketing and the external systems that are often presented were not necessary. They would be in addition to what was built, but not necessary.

There’s a way to build businesses that survive the “impending doom” 5-year mark or 10-year mark, where what it costs to run the business surpasses what is generated by the business. 
There is another paradigm in business opening and it’s the one of the “good business”, the “extraordinary business”, that can’t die because… it’s essentially alive.

It isn’t being kept alive artificially by external marketing, or external budgeting. It’s kept alive by the strong heartbeat of the community it brings together, and the ripple effect that pulse has on the world.

Alpha Femme helps women all over the planet create world-class businesses, luxury brands, and reputations that far precede them in any room they ever enter into. We co-create iconic, legendary presences that cannot be ignored, and financial results that even outshine all of that.

What’s amazing about creating a business like that is it takes on a life of its own, and it gives back the opportunity to have a life that’s also in alignment with being a CEO. It’s not just about the title and the money; you get the opportunity to create a life filled with magic!

Alpha Femme is not just about the business…it’s about the business woman. It’s about her experience leading her life as a business woman and not modelling something where you can only ever be ONE thing. It’s about having a relationship that works, a thriving family, a home that feels like home, dreams that can come true, aspirations that can come true and a brand that holds everything that we are.

Alpha Femme is a business brand for business women who are interested in understanding the art of business, rather than the mathematics behind it.

In order to be able to serve a wider range of women we have created a diverse and inclusive range of pricing. From programs for women who are just starting their business but want to be part of a world-class experience, to programs for women who are leading in their industries that are really looking for top-of-the-line coaching. We offer digital courses, evergreen programs, live experiences, a year-long experience, masterminds, and even 1:1 private coaching. Whatever level of commitment, whatever level of dedication, or whatever level of support someone is looking for they will be able to find something that is tailored and suited to their needs within Alpha Femme.

There are sixteen world-class employees within the Alpha Femme brand who’s sole missions are to create a seamless and connected experience for all participants. What sets us apart is the human touch.

Although this is an online brand, Alpha Femme is dedicated to creating a real, live connection through the screen. So when participants write on social media outlets, and communicate through the channels that are most effective for the buyer (be it email, instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) we have people on every platform making sure it’s easy to communicate. For us it needs to feel streamlined and effortless for our audience. It’s almost round-the-clock human customer experience. 

One thing that is unique and different about the Alpha Femme brand is that it has trusted in its own power, as a brand, to magnetize the right people. One of the strategies that has been used in the evolution of the brand is mystique. It’s not the typical push to be seen. It’s not the typical pay to be seen, or try to be seen. It’s the “build it and they will come” mentality. This is why it has not been easy, until now, to find out much about Alpha Femme, because the clients that are most aligned for this brand are the ones who are willing to come find out. They don’t need a page with explanations. They feel a connection and they go find out what it’s about. 

Learn everything you need to take your business and your relationships to 
heights you could never have imagined. 

Learn business strategy...
Feminine empowerment...
Social media marketing...
Building your own coaching business...
Becoming a leader of leaders in your industry...
Quantum energetics of wealth manifestation...
Tried and true sales methods...
And much more!

"In our world, the sky isn't even the limit!" - Melanie Ann Layer


Learn how to:

  • Reclaim power over your own happiness, joy, and pleasure and embody once and for all the understanding that you are the leading lady, that everything in your life begins and ends with you.
  • Transmute negative emotions into positive energy so you can be fuelled by your feelings, forever. 
  • Speak with the techniques I teach and every living thing will conspire to give you what you want. 
  • Understand time in a way that will change your world forever—a crucial piece in having the impact you want. 
  • Let go of hard edges and impenetrable walls so you can fully receive everything the universe offers. 
  • ​Experience womanhood the true way, chip away at lifetimes of coding and wounds that have hindered your growth, confidence, and personal power.


Learn how to:

  • Sell in a way that lights you up, invigorates you, and your energy becomes infectious to the people who want to work with you
  • Learn the sequence to aligned sales
  • ​Create a business where people love to buy from you
  • Collapse time around money, achieving goals faster than you thought possible
  • Understand your personal energy directly affects your finances
  • Treat yourself as an investment 
  • Plan a business year from one end to another
  • ​Set yourself up with power, vision, and clarity for the future
  • ​Reframe your money blueprint and learn to receive
  • ​Learn the compound effect that will change everything for you about wealth


Learn how to:

  • Create your own unique voice in the marketplace, regardless of your field of excellence
  • How to stand out, online, as a leader of leaders
  • ​Fully integrate all what and who you are in your brand
  • Create a brand that looks good on the outside...and inside
  • Master the referral process 
  • Understand why people love to watch others grow and why it's important we share our growth with the world
  • ​Get clarity on pricing so sales feel effortless
  • ​Get the courage to lead yourself because nobody else can be you
  • ​Share your message so people feel drawn to your brand and purchase
3 month 1-1 coaching package
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Here's What You'll Get: 
  • 3 months of 1-1 coaching with Melanie Ann Layer
  • ​Up to 4 half hour calls per month
  • Voxer access for between-session coaching as needed
  • Access to ALL Alpha Femme programs during your time on the waiting list AND during your 3 months of coaching
  • Access to the bi-weekly Unity Mastermind Zoom calls
Please note: Payment plans are available upon request.
However, your time on the waiting list will not begin until the entire balance is paid in full.

No refunds, no cancelations.

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"I’ve worked with Melanie Ann Layer for the last 12 months and today is my very last day.
I’m emotional, but so deeply celebrating the woman I’ve become.
My branding before vs after...mind blowing!
I wanted to write an open love letter to the woman who has changed my world.
𝘋𝘦𝘢𝘳 𝘔𝘦𝘭𝘢𝘯𝘪𝘦,
When I first joined "your world" my goal was more money and to be more noticed.
What I didn’t realize was my entire being would deepen. In fact, the universe knew it wasn’t for the money at all, but for the woman I have become in order to hold more power.
These teachings and understandings I have embodied and learned first hand being in your world will forever be with me.
You’ve taught me belonging and sisterhood - something I never really thought I needed. You showed me what it feels like to truly be accepted in a space for who I am. The women I’ve made connections with inside of here are women I will stay connected to for life.
You’ve showed me what a successful and powerful group of women are - deeply loving, there to hold space, unconditional power.
You’ve helped me embody deep lessons and duality. I went through some hard days and months inside of your world and you held me in my power, allowing me to face them and shift.
You have helped me find ‘me’ underneath all of the conditioning and patterning.
I wouldn’t be The Pleasure Queen without you.
I could go on for a million more words, but I will keep this short.
I love you. Thank you for holding me and seeing my power, even when I couldn’t.
I will forever be in your world! 

"Last year I hired Alpha Femme for a 3 months 1:1 coaching.
My business was stagnating at € 15,000 / month and I felt guilty for not even being happy with this figure that I had dreamed of so much a year before.
I hired her with my personal money. That has been a huge commitment to my growth. I was scared. I was like « this is the last chance ».
I hired her no matter what.
We began together in the middle of one of my launches. In the middle of « nothing is happening »launch.
No matter what, I continued.
After only one month of coaching I reached € 27k. I cried when I reached the € 20k. I will remember that all my life.
The month after € 34k, the month after € 47k.
I collapsed time. 
The growth of my business has continued throughout the year until reaching 90k € in August. It was mind blowing. Not because of the numbers, but because of my personal growth.
I created this money easier and lighter than ever. By being the leader of my life, becoming the CEO of my business and also becoming the boss of my life.
To continue growing, I have chosen to challenge myself once again
I hired Mélanie for a second 3 months together.
3 times my investment from last year. Very scared but keep going !

And today… we celebrated the million, the million in CAD $ 
It’s a huge one ! A milestone ! An unforgettable memory.
It’s the symbol of my commitment no matter what !
I celebrate with you tonight and I send you some confidence and faith. Move and keep going no matter what 
Kiss from France

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