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EMBODY: Who You Are
This program will help you realize it doesn't matter what you do until you change who you are. You will manifest everything you want when you know yourself, lead yourself and can be fully and deeply with yourself. This is the Alpha Femme. 
UNLOCK: Your Deepest Potential 
Many of us are hesitant to fully claim ourselves as coaches. We’re waiting for a future moment when we’ll suddenly feel confident enough to become the coaches we want to be and live the lives we’re ready to live. We get stuck there–in waiting—without realizing that people don't hire coaches because they do something different, they hire coaches because they are different. It doesn't matter how far you’ve come, how much you know, or how many certifications you have—what matters is how you embody the work yourself. 
Learn how to build an extraordinary coaching business by capitalizing  on the most effortless thing in the world—simply being 
your magnificent self, exactly where you are
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